Haiti Water Initiative

 OUR HAITI WATER PROJECT: EXCERPTS FROM OUR PAST EFFORTS Why spend money shipping water to Haiti when we could be sending water filters so they could have their own clean water? Think sustainability...

We had several good reasons for sending water filters to Haiti: Cholera is spread through contaminated water; bottled water is heavy and very expensive to ship and the empty bottles are creating plastic mountains. People should not be compelled to beg for life giving resources. Will a $20.00 water filter change the World? probably not by itself but if we send enough filters to change a family, school, a church or a village into a more sustainable, safer place to drink water, we may begin attracting attention to a new strategy and changing one small corner of the World.

The filter our we researched and selected is affordable ($20) can provide over 40 gallons per day of drinkable water from puddles...for a year. With Haiti's shipping infrastructure in ruins, we had to create opportunities for church groups and relief workers to deliver the filters for us, directly to those in need.

For more specific information on these filters, already in use in Haiti and elsewhere in the world, use this link: http://www.justwater.me/


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