Safe Harbor is exploring innovative strategies for Managing Storm Energy.

Coastal Storms are interactions of Energy and Mass.

Image above by G. Peabody. We have historically responded to storms by managing or re-managing Mass.

Image by G. Peabody. We are experimenting with innovative strategies which manage the Energy of storms.

Image by G. Peabody. We have discovered that if we manage Energy, the Energy will manage the Mass. 

Image by G. Peabody. We experimented by inducing low profile turbulence,

intersecting with the laminar flow of storm winds transporting sand.

This strategy mimics the performance of native Beach Grass to collect and stabilize sand.

Image documenting unimpeded, laminar flow of storm wind, transporting sand.

Image by G. Peabody. The minimal turbulence created by our innovative system of randomly placed

cedar shims, mimics the performance of native vegetation, so we refer to it as "Biomimicry". The shims can be lifted higher to control the collection platform. This surprising system, which has been made Public Domain, can use storm energy to  collect over ten vertical feet of sand during one storm season.

We have published a booklet on Biomimicry, called "Biomimicry, Making Land From Air". Your free copy can be downloaded from our Free Publications Page, or use the link below: