Some of our past workers we often call on:

Kyle is one of our workers who seems to be able to solve any problem. He has worked part time with us for several years. Kyle also has a very successful band called "Dagger".


Sara was our photographer before Devon


Katie holds a graduate degree in Environmental Economics. She has worked with us for several years as project coordinator. Katie recently became an Oyster Farmer and has a massage business.  The project coordinator work has been handed off to Lara. Katie spends winter time snow boarding.

James is our "Go To" guy..he makes difficult projects go a lot smoother. James is also a gifted artist, who came to Cape Cod with a Fellowship at Provincetown's Fine Arts Work Center. This photo is from an innovative salt marsh restoration project on Nantucket Sound.


Erin kept our office organized. She is now giving tours in a brewery near Boston!

Jerome is an artist and lateral thinker. We used his inventive thinking to solve project problems.

Kristyna coordinated our Community Supported, Haiti Water Project, shipping innovative water filters to Haiti instead of shipping water. She has also worked with us as a Climate Change researcher and done field work on our coastal sites.  Kristyna recently graduated college with a degree in psychology. After three years working with us, she and her boyfriend adventured to the west coast.


Alexis coordinates restoration of globally rare maritime heathland habitats. She is a graduate student at Antioch University. Alexis recently received a major grant to continue her studies of the role salt crusts play in colonizing dunes with vegetation.




Simone works at and studies printmaking, in Boston and Brooklyn. Simone works on every job as part of our summer team


Effie was a key support worker during the spring and fall seasons. She has a degree in psychology.

Diana worked with us part time, coordinating our office and filling in on site work.

Anne worked in the field, with indigenous re-vegetation and erosion control systems. Anne also is a fiction writer and has just published an award winning book of short stories. Anne is now teaching at a university in texas.

Sarah is a talented musician and songwriter. She has a degree in Biology and has worked with us as a project coordinator.


Hayley was our native planting coordinator. She has a background in botany and environmental studies. Hayley is also a champion body surfer and has worked as a life guard. She recently completed a stand up paddle board crossing of Cape Cod Bay.

Liberty has 2 children and works Liberty has worked with us part time. Her background is in Marine Ecology.


Nicole worked with our endangered species permitting. She previously worked with the National Park Service.


Petra worked with us for several summers. She is now working as an architect in Europe.


Adam is a talented artist, who worked with us for several summers, on all of our projects.


Lisa has worked in the field and in our office. She graduated from New Hampshire college and is now traveling, working and studying in Europe.


Irene worked with us as our part time botanist. She has a lifetime of study with native plants.