Gordon Peabody, Director and founder of Safe Harbor Environmental Services.

We have included some of the people who we work with. Enjoy getting to know these people who have shared their good efforts, commitment and creativity with us. These are people who make a difference in our coastal restoration projects and educational efforts.  Interns are featured on the INTERN PROGRAM Page and Researchers are included on our RESEARCHERS PAGE


Loren Vandegrift has his own consulting business and designs creative web sites, including ours. Loren has made a tremendous contribution to the environment on Cape Cod by providing us with this incredible, educational web site. Thank you Loren.

Kayla has received Certification in Coastal Zone Management. She works coordinating our Coastal Restoration Projects. Kayla is shown here planting American Beach Grass on an Ocean Beach Dune system we are restoring in Truro and working in the office.

Fiona has worked as a videographer with the Whale Watch boats on Cape Cod. She is currently taking Coastal Ecology Seminars with Safe Harbor. Fiona is shown here planting Spartina Marsh Grass on a restoration site.

Molly, shown here transplanting Beach Grass, is working on beach restoration projects with us this winter. Molly has studied Natural Resource Management and previously worked on an Oyster Farm. 

Emily recently graduated from UMASS Amherst where she studied Natural Resources. Emily has recently worked in fisheries research and will be the new pilot for the drone we use to monitor remote restoration projects.

Julia recently graduated from UMASS Amherst and Univ of Hawaii in Environmental Studies. Julia has managed multiple Coastal Construction and Restoration projects. Julia has also been our Intern Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. She enjoys working outside in any weather.

Lara is our Communications Coordinator and Project Manager. Her responsibilities include tracking multiple permitting and project timelines and communicating with regulatory agencies. Lara also has her Real Estate license. This year she also summited MT Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Alexandra recently graduated from Colgate University, where she studied Marine Biology and Ecology. Alex has helped solve problems in the field and in the office for us.

Jessica is working with our Steep Slope Stabilization Team and with Coastal Habitat Restoration. Jess has also stepped up to help us with research and publication of Safe Harbor's Environmental Education e-Newsletter OCEAN.

Erika began working with us as an Intern and is now in her second year working as a coastal restoration coordinator. She is shown here installing Biomimicry sand collection system shims prior to an Ocean storm.

Nadia has been our Educational Coordinator, designing educational presentations we provide to schools, colleges, municipalities and the public each year. Nadia is also responsible for Outreach Coordination, sharing our innovative Biomimicry restoration system with coastal communities from New Jersey to New Hampshire and from California to Australia. 

Tony worked with Safe Harbor while an Environmental Engineering Undergrad at Univ of VT. Tony is responsible for developing innovative, gravity driven solutions to road runoff storm water, soon to be published by Safe Harbor.

Noelle is our Winter, Coastal Restoration Intern. She has an environmental degree and work experience with the New England Aquarium and Audubon. Noelle is shown here planting Spartina, on a Fringe Marsh Restoration Project on Nantucket Sound.

Heather is our Education Coordinator. She has a degree in Photography and is responsible for our publications, public presentations and is Associate Editor of our environmental education e-newsletter OCEAN. Heather is also our Intern Coordinator and Research Coordinator. She is shown here with one of our Winter Sea Turtle Stranding posters which she helped us create in partnership with Audubon.

Shelly recently graduated with a degree in Geology and is working as our Restoration Geologist.

Tory has worked as our Coastal Restoration Coordinator, with responsibility for all of our Geomass collection on Biomimicry Coastal Restoration Projects. Tory also worked as our Native Planting Coordinator during the summer, with responsibility for  managing all of our Native Biomass restoration sites. Tory has a background in Geology and Ecology.

Bree worked with our coastal restoration projects. She is shown here during our three day Vision Retreat at Race Point Lighthouse.

 Kiah has worked with us as our Education Coordinator for several years. She is finishing college studies and has been considered for a Fullbright Scholarship. Kiah helped us develop critical educational strategies that focus on young people.



Tessera has worked with us doing Climate Change research from Iceland and is now on our Coastal Restoration Team. She is also an emerging artist and we will be featuring some of her work in our publications.

Brendon is our problem solver, in addition to being our Arborist.

Jamie is a student at Tulane University who began working with us as an Intern, moved up to field work and is now telecommuting on research for our Educational Program.

Whitney has earned OCEAN Special Recognition Award for her consistent, creative contributions and hard work, in publishing OCEAN electronic newsletter that have made our efforts so successful. OCEAN currently reaches a direct readership of over 3,000 readers, on Cape Cod and as far away as Australia. Thank you Whitney, for your exceptional vision and technical skills! Whitney telecommutes with us from London, England.

Devon has worked as our Project Photographer, documenting all of our projects and capturing images that we can use in educational presentations. Devon also plays ice hockey and has summited MT Ranier three times.