Our director  Gordon Peabody,  photographed on Cape Cod's Ocean Beach, for  NOAA's USF&W National Webinar  on the Biomimicry Coastal Restoration System he developed.

Our director Gordon Peabody, photographed on Cape Cod's Ocean Beach, for NOAA's USF&W National Webinar on the Biomimicry Coastal Restoration System he developed.

Safe Harbor is a small, interdisciplinary  environmental consulting group, with an Office overlooking Duck Creek Marsh, in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. Safe Harbor studies the Natural Energy Systems already present in Nature and utilizes some of this energy to assist coastal restoration efforts. One example is our Biomimicry sand collection system, which restores coastal dunes. Mimicking the performance of native Beach Grass, our minimal profile Biomimicry generates turbulence in laminar flow storm winds transporting sand.  Turbulence incrementally reduces wind velocity, which reduces sand transport and sand is collected. More wind, more sand.

Storms are interactions of Energy and Mass. Historical responses to storm erosion usually attempt to manage mass with replacement sand or protective structures. On appropriate sites, our strategy "manages Storm energy". We have discovered that if we can manage the Energy, the Energy will manage the Mass for us. We realize this is a new idea but we may be ready for some new ideas.

We were recently invited by NOAA's US Fish and Wildlife Service, to introduce our Biomimicry Coastal Restoration System as part of their National Restoration Webinar Series. Enhancing green infrastructure with emerging green technologies contributes to more resilient coastal resources. 

We have intentionally structured this Web Site for educational use.  We have an active Intern Program, taking on board two part time interns each semester. We now offer College Credit for Interns. We suggest checking out our PUBLICATIONS PAGE, for some great choices in further learning. gordonpeabody@gmail.com

Safe Harbor's core values recognize the importance of  environmental education to support our community, Safe Harbor produces 30 to 40 free educational presentations every year.



Safe Harbor uses interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative restoration techniques. For more information view FIELD TEAM.





Audra, Intern

Audra, Intern

 Safe Harbor's Intern Team are members of our intern program which offers a wide range of opportunities for continuing education and participation in our interdisciplinary Coastal Restoration projects. The goal of our 2018 program is to provide appropriate, supportive experiences for our Interns to develop leadership, management, communication and thinking skills for effective environmental decision making.  SEE INTERN TEAM



Jessica Hillman, Research Coordinator

Jessica Hillman, Research Coordinator

Members of our Research Team provide articles which are frequently published in OCEAN Environmental e-Newsletter, the educational publication funded by Safe Harbor. For more information and images please visit our RESEARCHERS PAGE.



Volunteer Program, Resetting Biomimicry

Volunteer Program, Resetting Biomimicry

Safe Harbor Environmental offers year round VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES for volunteering on coastal restoration projects.   There are no age, experience or educational restrictions. 




Safe Harbor works with interdisciplinary professionals, to create teams addressing unique environmental challenges. For more information on our collaborators please visit our COLLABORATORS PAGE




At Safe Harbor environmental education is one of our core values. We do 20 - 30 public presentations every year.


Watercolor Pencil Image by Tessera Knowles-Thompson 2015 ( Environmental Vision Grant )

Watercolor Pencil Image by Tessera Knowles-Thompson 2015 (Environmental Vision Grant)

We have recently begun to offer small grants in support of individuals we feel have commitments to enhance their own environmental vision and expand the environmental vision of our greater community. For more information please visit our VISION GRANT PAGE.





Safe Harbor assumes short term and long term environmental advocacy interventions on  local, national , and international levels. For more information please visit our ADVOCACY PROJECTS PAGE.


Race Point, Cape Cod

Race Point, Cape Cod

Safe Harbor offers its team an annual three day retreat on the edge of the Earth in the Keepers House at Race Point lighthouse. This includes a field trip through the linked habitats of salt marsh, dunes, upper and lower beach and intertidal zone. We use this opportunity compare diversity with the degree of stress in each habitat. Safe Harbor has been involved in planning the restoration of this marsh. This time away but together helps our team develop a shared vision of what Safe Harbor could be and define some reachable goals for the coming year. For more information please visit our VISION RETREAT.