Coastal Management Plans are critical tools for linking individual properties to sustainable Community goals. Coastal erosion prevention and response alternatives can be developed with linkage to scale. Permitting protocols can be defined. Coastal residents benefit by being able to make investments addressing their issues without having to duplicate effort. Safe Harbor believes Comprehensive Management Plans protect a Community's social, ecological and financial resources.  Communities lacking Coastal Management Plans deny their residents access to critical risk assessment tools and linked strategies which could reduce catastrophic losses.

Plum Island , Newburyport Coastal Erosion: Safe Harbor Director Gordon Peabody, meeting on site with concerned resident and Julia Godtfredson, Newburyport Conservation Agent to discuss Biomimicry sand collection systems. They began using our storm powered, Biomimicry sand collection system at once and  they have continued their Biomimicry effort.

Image above by G. Peabody, City of Newburyport Restoration signage referring to Safe Harbor.


 A critical component in Municipal Consulting strategy is RESILIENCE.

For more information use these pages: CREATING RESILIENCE    MANAGING RESILIENCE



Encroachment of development into areas we need as storm buffers can be costly for Communities.

Accessible Municipal resources and response protocols should manage financial, social and financial concerns.

Provincetown is some of the newest land on the planet. Post Glacial land accretion grows by deposition of materials eroded elsewhere on Cape Cod. This process does not run like a train schedule however, because sand transport is subject to the uncertain synergy of wind, waves and tide. The Ocean side area shown above changes shape each year but remains the target of net increase, through the coastal process. Resilient coastlines feature native vegetation, which can move inland with changing conditions. Our Biomimicry, adjustable sand collection system is powered by storm energy and acts as a temporary stand in for native vegetation, pending increase in elevation.


Assessment of coastal erosion system policy: DRIFT FENCING:

Offered as "Soft, or Semi Soft solutions to Bayside Coastal erosion, drift fencing is still being evaluated. Safe Harbor provided requested information.

Municipal Policy requires sand nourishment be provided for any erosion response system.

We believe that once storm waves over wash drift fencing, the slats restrict outwash. The restriction creates accretion of outwash. Accelerating outwash transports nourishment, out through the slats.

Implementation of drift fencing requires mechanized equipment, with excavation impacts in the resource area.

Drift fencing may not make a difference in increasing beach elevations.

Drift fencing may not make a difference in decreasing beach elevations.

Drift fencing may interfere with sand collection.


Do coastal property owners have access to risk assessment tools, better strategies and designs to prevent unnecessary costs?

 For emergency information please visit our EMERGENCY MUNICIPAL page.