Safe Harbor offers no cost site visits to review and discuss your project. We are experienced with various State and Municipal requirements for Environmental Permitting. Use links at bottom of page to locate more information regarding your specific needs.

Safe Harbor is a small environmental consulting group working on and near, Cape Cod's shorelines. Safe Harbor designs compliance techniques to minimize impacts to natural resources during construction projects.  Environmental permitting requires careful attention to detail and deadlines. Prior to submission,We develop a site management plan that integrates necessary project sequencing, resource area delineations, various use designations and specific mitigation for construction activity. Safe Harbor provides a built in liaison with regulatory agencies. We attend and participate in public hearings, providing detailed technical responses as necessary.  Safe Harbor protects the property owner's liabilities.

We study resource areas: sand bars; Eel grass beds; fringe marshes; beaches; and dunes, as Linked Systems, because we believe they respond to energy pulses as systems. The onshore alignment of natural energy interacting with nature based infrastructures creates an intuitive model for studying Coastal Resiliency. Linked resource systems modify transmission of pulse energy. Pulse energy changes may provide clues to how we might use this   "Available Energy" to modify coastal geomass.  We have successfully explored some innovative strategies, using  higher "Pule Energy" to enhance resiliency in a few linked, coastal resource systems.    We have multiple projects currently underway.  

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We offer a full range of Consulting and Environmental Permitting Services, for State and Local Regulations.


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